#swanoaweek Day 1: Open Access & You

Image of smashed egg with Open Access sticker
Image by Kate Harbison on Flickr, reused under CC BY-SA.2

“85% [of academics are] strongly or mildly in favour of open access in principle…” (“Unlocking attitudes to Open Access” Survey, 2011)

“there undoubtedly continues to be significant levels of disinterest, suspicion and scepticism about open access amongst researchers” (Stephen Pinfield, 2015)

“I realised very quickly from my own experience that if I could access the full version of a paper I was more likely to read and cite it, and get to know the author. Using the same logic for my own work, I took the opportunity to make what papers I could open access and to self archive my remaining work.” (Amy Brown, Swansea University researcher)

Surveys of academics have tended to show that whilst the majority are in favour of the principles of open access, few are taking positive steps (like Amy Brown) to make their own work open access. As Pinfield points out, there is a fair amount of suspicion about the topic too. There are many reasons for this and throughout this week we will be exploring aspects of open access that have all been raised across campus when we have spoken with our researchers.

Whatever your views on open access, if you are a Swansea University researcher or in receipt of research funding, you will find you already have some obligations placed upon you to make at least some of your publications open access. Read on to check you know what you need to do!

Swansea University researcher?

If you are a researcher and author at Swansea University then you should be aware of and adhering to our Open Access Policy (introduced 2015). This was a response to HEFCE’s new Open Access policy that will cover publications eligible for the next REF. The HEFCE policy starts in April 2016 but the university policy is active right now!

What do you have to do? Read the policy here. Help is available with using RIS and checking publisher copyright requirements! Contact us at iss-research@swansea.ac.uk or see our guide for Swansea University Researchers. We have a briefing session this week (Wed 21st Oct) on the Singleton Park campus – book here.

Receive Research Funding?

If you are in receipt of research funding, you may also have open access requirements that come with that. If so, these are likely to be more stringent than the University & HEFCE policies.

  • What is your funder’s policy? Check the Sherpa Juliet database or the funder’s own website. If you currently have no funding, have a look at Horizon 2020 or the Wellcome Trust on Sherpa Juliet to see examples of robust open access requirements.
  • Check your journal of choice vs your funder policy: http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/fact

What’s your view on Open Access?

We will be exploring the pros and cons over the next few days but we’d welcome your comments on the blog below or tweet using #swanoaweek.

You may wish to take the time to self-assess your awareness of open access: JISC’s MIAO tool is designed to question individual awareness of how their institution is doing with open access. Let us know how you get on!


Please contact us at any time (iss-research@swansea.ac.uk) if you have questions or concerns relating to open access. We’d welcome comments on the blog below or tweet with #swanoaweek.

Day 2 tomorrow: The OA Advantage (what’s in it for you?)


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